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Jekyll Island is a barrier island which is part of the Golden Isles near Brunswick. A century ago is was home to the Jekyll Club, a seasonal resort community for the extremely wealthy of the day. Many of their homes still remain today.
Jekyll Is, Cherokee Cottage0689747Jekyll Is, Cherokee Cottage0689746Jekyll Is, Club Hotel V0689725Jekyll Is, Club Hotel V0689713aJekyll Is, Club Hotel V0689759aJekyll Is, Club Hotel, Int V0689764Jekyll Is, Club Hotel, Porch V0689772Jekyll Is, Club Hotel, Restaurant0689768Jekyll Is, Crane Cottage V0689756Jekyll Is, Crane Cottage0689732Jekyll Is, Faith Chapel V0689775aJekyll Is, Faith Chapel V0689751aJekyll Is, Hollybourne0689739Jekyll Is, Horse and Carriage0689700Jekyll Is, Indian Mound0689728aJekyll Is, Moss Cottage0689706Jekyll Is, Villa Marianna V0689743Jekyll Is, Villa Marianna, Live Oak Tr0689736aJekyll Is, Villa Marianna0689744

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