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Angel Peak NRA030628-2987Angel Peak NRA030628-2992Angel Peak NRA030628-2997Capulin Volcano NM, Crater0828454Capulin Volcano NM, View0828446Capulin Volcano NM, View0828450Capulin Volcano NM0828465Fort Union NM, Rodent030720-5718aFort Union NM, V030720-5721Fort Union NM, V030720-5775aFort Union NM, Wagon030720-5703Fort Union NM030720-5700aFort Union NM030720-5702aFort Union NM030720-5724aFort Union NM030720-5735Fort Union NM030720-5737Fort Union NM030720-5739Fort Union NM030720-5745Fort Union NM030720-5750Fort Union NM030720-5752

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