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Animas Forks is a ghost town in the San Juan Mountains that is fairly easy reachable by road.
Animas Forks, Bldg Interior030726-6284Animas Forks, Car030726-6412aAnimas Forks, Chipmunk030726-6390aAnimas Forks, Frisco Mine, V030726-6359Animas Forks, Frisco Mine, V030726-6372aAnimas Forks, Frisco Mine030726-6368aAnimas Forks, Frisco Mine030726-6373Animas Forks, V030726-6266Animas Forks, V030726-6296Animas Forks, V030726-6306Animas Forks, V030726-6316Animas Forks, V030726-6331Animas Forks, V030726-6388aAnimas Forks, V030726-6398Animas Forks030726-6259Animas Forks030726-6260Animas Forks030726-6276Animas Forks030726-6338Animas Forks030726-6406Animas Forks030726-6428

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