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Big South Fork NRA, Ovrlk0411132aLBL, Bison130-3017aNTP, Arch Br131-3197NTP, Gordon House132-3204NTP, Lewis Memorial132-3220NTP, Tobacco Barn, Door132-3212NTP, Tobacco Barn132-3209NTP. Old Trace132-3203Port Royal SHA, Covered Br143-4352Rugby, Church0411110aRugby, Fence and Flowers0411119Shiloh NMP, Cannons132-3226Shiloh NMP, Cannons132-3245aShiloh NMP, Cemetery Gate132-3231Shiloh NMP, Cemetery132-3233Shiloh NMP, Sunken Road132-3243Waynesboro, Barn132-3225

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