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Madhogarh is magical because of its people. It is definitely off the beaten tourist trail, so the people here live their normal lives, and any tourists that do visit are not pestered by all the touts and beggars. We stayed in an old castle up on a steep hill overlooking the village. This was perhaps my favorite place on the whole trip. Most of the pictures in this section are of villagers that I met.
Madhogarh, Man030306-4684aMadhogarh, Girl w Basket030306-4766aMadhogarh, Man030306-4786aMadhogarh, Woman030306-4670aMadhogarh Castle, Staff030307-4837aMadhogarh, Man030306-4735aMadhogarh, Man030306-4767aMadhogarh, Woman030306-4671aMadhogarh Castle, Staff030307-4840Madhogarh, Woman, Spinning030306-4694Madhogarh Castle, Staff030307-4842Madhogarh, Boy030306-4747aMadhogarh, Boy030306-4753Madhogarh, Boy030306-4755Madhogarh, Camel Caravan030306-4757Madhogarh, Castle, Doorway, V030306-4531aMadhogarh, Castle, Interior030306-4535Madhogarh, Castle030306-4628Madhogarh, Castle030306-4651Madhogarh, Castle030306-4742

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