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Uwajima is a town in southern Japan which is known for its pearl harvesting and its sex museum. No, the sex museum is not the reason I went there. I would have liked to have seen it, but did not get a chance to. I did get to see an interesting temple and garden as well as the pearl harvesting though. It was very rainy the day I was there.
Uwajima, Dairakuji Temple0832903Uwajima, Oyster Pearl Farm0830990Uwajima, Tennshaenn Garden V0832868Uwajima, Tennshaenn Garden V0832856Uwajima, Tennshaenn Garden, Tea House0834975Uwajima, Dairakuji Temple, Garden0831050Uwajima, Dairakuji Temple, Girl V0835015Uwajima, Dairakuji Temple0832895Uwajima, Bldg0832931Uwajima, Dairakuji Temple V0831035Uwajima, Dairakuji Temple V0831042Uwajima, Dairakuji Temple V0831043Uwajima, Dairakuji Temple V0831076Uwajima, Dairakuji Temple V0832905Uwajima, Dairakuji Temple V0832919Uwajima, Dairakuji Temple, Garden V0831054Uwajima, Dairakuji Temple, Garden V0831055Uwajima, Dairakuji Temple, Garden0831051Uwajima, Dairakuji Temple, Garden0831067Uwajima, Dairakuji Temple, Garden0831070

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