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Overlooking the Eastern Rajasthan town of Bundi is an old, decaying castle and fortress. It appears that little is being done to preserve it today. This is another of those towns where it was especially interesting to get out and meet the people. The town is famous for its 'baori' or deep enclosed step wells.
Bundi, Man in Turban030310-5583aBundi, Palace, Sunset030311-5846Bundi, Boy030310-5548aBundi, Palace, View of Town030311-5705Bundi, Dentist030311-5635Bundi, Girl030310-5545Bundi, Girl030310-5591aBundi, Kids030310-5567aBundi, Boy030310-5562Bundi, Lake030311-5658aBundi, Man and Infant030310-5574Bundi, Man in his Shop030310-5577Bundi, Man030310-5556Bundi, Men, Repair Shop030310-5571Bundi, Men030310-5603Bundi, Fort, V030311-5672aBundi, Palace, Chitrasala, Murals030311-5784Bundi, Palace, Chitrasala, Murals, V030311-5768Bundi, Palace, Chitrasala, Murals, V030311-5788aBundi, Palace, Elephant Gate030311-5684a

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