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I was fortunate to be able to visit and sail down the Yangtze River while the dam was being built, just before water levels started to rise. My group stayed in some of the old villages that are now under water.
3 Gorges Dam020401-55073 Gorges Dam, Crane020331-54533 Gorges Dam, Locks020331-54223 Gorges Dam, Water Towers020331-54353 Gorges Dam020401-55083 Gorges Dam020401-55123 Gorges Dam020401-5513Badong, Boat020401-5535aBadong020401-5529Badong020401-5534Fengjie, Balcony020402-5785Fengjie, Boy020402-5818Fengjie, Child020402-5801Fengjie, Child020401-5762aFengjie, Ferry020401-5742Fengjie, Girl in Window020401-5753Fengjie, Kids020402-5809Fengjie, Man on Boat020402-5833Fengjie, Market020402-5806Fengjie, Ships020402-5823

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