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As a traveler, Cochin (Also known now as Kochi), located in the very southwestern part of India in the state of Kerala, is a kinder, gentler India. Relatively prosperous compared to much of the country, it seems cleaner, and has fewer hassles with touts and beggars. These images were from a visit while I was working on the MV Explorer, as part of the Spring 2012 Semester of the Semester at Sea program.
Cochin, Boat120-7421Cochin, Ferry Landing120-7968Cochin, Chinese Fishing Net120-7441Cochin, Window V120-8098Cochin, Waterfront, Boats120-7459Cochin, Fishing Boats120-7796Cochin, Herons120-7804Cochin, Missionaries of Charity, Mother Theresa Statue V120-8076Cochin, Children in Doorway V120-8079Cochin, Fishing Boat120-8140Cochin, Children in Doorway V120-8083Cochin, Herons120-7805Cochin, Fishing Boats120-7827Cochin, Fishing Boats120-7829Cochin, Woman Standing in Doorway V120-7853Cochin, Backwater Boat Trip, Punter V120-7508Cochin, Door V120-7782Cochin, Woman Catching Fish120-7530Cochin, Kumbalanghi Village, Chinese Fishing Nets120-7553Cochin, Kumbalanghi Village, Fishing w Net V120-7596

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