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Rocky Mountain National Park is located in northern Colorado and features some spectacular alpine scenery along the Trail Ridge Road, as well as some beautiful small lakes and opportunties to see some wildlife.
Rocky Mtn NP, Aspen0829770Rocky Mtn NP,  Trail Ridge Rd, Aspen0839988Rocky Mtn NP, Elk0742886aRocky Mtn NP, Aspen V0829793Rocky Mtn NP, Aspen V0829865Rocky Mtn NP, Aspen V0830016aRocky Mtn NP, Aspen0829722Rocky Mtn NP, Aspen0829892Rocky Mtn NP, Aspen0830023Rocky Mtn NP, Aspens0742960Rocky Mtn NP, Bear Lake Rd0742771Rocky Mtn NP, Bear Lake V0737995aRocky Mtn NP, Bear Lake0737972Rocky Mtn NP, Bear Lake0737992Rocky Mtn NP, Bear Lake0738001Rocky Mtn NP, Dream Lake V0743036Rocky Mtn NP, Dream Lake, Trees0743060Rocky Mtn NP, Dream Lake0743105Rocky Mtn NP, Fall River Rd, V0839958Rocky Mtn NP, Hallett Peak0742751

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