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Ko Samet is a small island and National Park south of Bangkok, and one of the most easily reached islands from Bangkok.
Ko Samet, Beach121-5325Ko Samet, Rocky Coast121-5270Ko Samet, Beach121-5323Ko Samet, Ao Thian, Hammock121-5274Ko Samet, Ferry Landing121-5289Ko Samet, Hat Sai Kaew121-5293Ko Samet, Hat Sai Kaew121-5297Ko Samet, Hat Sai Kaew, Prince and Mermaid Statue121-5299Ko Samet, Beach121-5312Ko Samet, Wong Deuan, Beach121-5352Ko Samet, Ao Thian, Dock121-5375Ko Samet, Wong Deuan, Night121-5363Ko Samet, Ao Thian, Cafe121-5395Ko Samet, Ferry Landing121-5261Ko Samet, Ferry Landing121-5262Ko Samet, Beach121-5268Ko Samet, Wong Deuan121-5271Ko Samet, Wong Deuan, Resort Sign121-5281Ko Samet, Wong Deuan, Beach121-5285Ko Samet, Wong Deuan, Beach121-5286

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