Crested Butte is an old village and ski town in the heart of the Rocky Mountains, and one of the most beautiful places in Colorado. There are many incredible hikes and four-wheel drive roads emanating from the area. These images are just of the village itself.
Crested Butte, Church V0740360Crested Butte, Church0740358Crested Butte, Downtown V0740353Crested Butte, Downtown, Bench0740365Crested Butte, Downtown0740348Crested Butte, Downtown0740350Crested Butte, Downtown0740354Crested Butte, Downtown0740355Crested Butte, Downtown0740356Crested Butte, Downtown0740367Crested Butte, Hillside0740338Crested Butte, Mtn0740343a

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